Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just got back from SF after spending the week clearing out my storage space. I forgot how much stuff I've produced over the years. Ugh... Boxes and boxes of posters and merch. 55 total... all being shipped via UPS to NY. Oy vey. My back is still hating me. I had to keep my web store closed for almost 6 months until I could find the time (and cash) to take care of this.

Thankfully my good friends Dave Crosland and Mike Sutfin put me up while I was there and let me buy them and their ladies (Kelly and Tonya) food as a thank you.  Please check out their sites and hate me for getting to sleep on their couches.

IMG_6739 by you.
There's Norma. Somehow I conned her in to going to SF with me. I think it's because she secretly loves to organize stuff. Other people's stuff. And I not-so-secretly can't organize anything to save my life. At the end of every day I locked her inside the storage space. See how excited she is when I let her out?

Had to go to my favorite burrito joint and devour food the size of a baby.

Kelly, Dave, Mike (with the thumbs), Norma (with a thumb challenge to Mike) and Tonya.

And ate some great BBQ!!!

Also got to see my favorite web designers Justin and Aaron of Rocket Society as well as their better halves Rachel and Rebecca.

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