Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Lo Pan
screen print
edition of 100
Signed & Numbered by Becky Cloonan and Brian Ewing


I'm so excited to post my collaboration with Becky Cloonan. Try to guess who drew what... Becky and I have been buds for years and we both love HIGH ON FIRE and Universal Monsters. The lady on the poster is Countess Marya Zaleska from the movie Dracula's Daughter.
So when the band hit me up to do the poster for their Columbus, OH show - I decided to see if Becky was game to geek out on a gig poster with me. My respect for Becky is limitless so I had to really push myself to match her skill and full on metal coolness. (I mean c'mon...she has her own wikipedia page!) Sleep was lost. Pizza was burnt. Daylight was shunned. Brains were melted. But it was worth it. At one point I was drinking out of the cup I use to clean my brushes. That's how intense it was!
I sent Becky some ideas of what I wanted to do. In a few days she sent back finished art.(while on vacation in Scotland!) Which blew my mind because it was different that what I envisioned. It was better. From there I was inspired to go in a different direction and draw my hands off. We were both very surprised and happy with the results. Damn skippy.

In the past I've collaborated with Dave Johnson, Crankbunny and Buff Monster. So I'm stoked to add Becky to that list of artists I've been fortunate enough to work with. If you haven't seen Becky's should go check it out right now. Same goes for the other artists I just listed.

"Ghost Fink"
6 Color
Screen Print
Signed & Numbered
edition of 100

This is a new piece of art created for the Blunt Fink show curated by Matt Dye of Blunt Graffix. The theme was to take an iconic pop culture movie and mix it with the style of "Big Daddy" Roth's - Rat Fink.

It was nice to show people I have more range than what they're used to seeing. Sometimes that creative box we comfortably create for ourselves needs to be renovated and built upon. Permeets? We don' need no stinkin' permeets!

It was fun to play with a few colors I barely ever use. It was also fun to "Fink Out" the Ghostbusters Logo. I was really honored to be invited into the show. Hope you guys dig it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SWANS Bride Of Frankenstein gig poster

Poster designed for the SWANS
Screen Print
edition of 100
More info HERE
Click on the image details to see the design at 100%

Here’s the final art for the Swans poster. I had been posting process shots to show how I worked on it. Let me know what you think?

I really enjoyed working on this project because I just needed to try something different with my approach to rock posters. It was a challenge that sometimes had me wishing a jet engine would fall on my studio. But it came together in the end. I’m happy with the final piece. I know a few of my friends didn’t understand what I was trying to tell them until they saw the print. I actually learned a few things about anatomy that I forgot 20 years ago. Plus the research was the most fun.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovecraft-inspired Shub Zeroth art print release

Do you know what day it is today besides - MONDAY?
It’s H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday!
Homeboy is 122 yrs old today!

To commemorate that and all things weird & from beyond I am releasing the framed Shub Zeroth giclee print. I brought a handful to Comic Con to help celebrate the unveiling of Meta Crypt’s prototype for the Shub vinyl toy. They sold out faster than expected so I squirelled away the remainder of the print run to release on my site…today…on my man’s birthday.

Lovecraft has been a huge influence on my work and many many other artists as well. He created these worlds and mythos then left it open for others to interpret. If you wanna know more and are too lazy to read check out this documentary here.
Giclee Print
5”x7” in an 8”x10” frame
On German Etch Watercolor Paper
S&N edition of 20


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I’m really proud to make available my small press book I produced for Comic Con this year. These went rather quickly at Comic Con. I squirelled some away for the folks that couldn’t attend this year. I’m really impressed with the printing on this. It’s something I wanted to do for a few years now. So happy I can now publish this.
Each spread has the original pencils and prelim art on one page while the final FULL COLOR art is on the facing page. This is the kind of book I’d want to buy. I am a nerd and love seeing an artist’s work process. Hopefully you will too.
At the encouragement of a bunch of folks and a small grant from the Rocket Society, I produced a new small press book for comic con this year. 32 pages and full of color!
The last book I self-published was in 2006. (Hey I’m lazy!) This one collects selected works that I produced after my book Don’t Hold Your Breath came out in 2010. So it’ll be stuff that isn’t in the book. Capito?
* Saddle-stitch: 32 pages
* Publisher:
* Language: English
* Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Stop by my booth 4503 during comic con
Sculpted by Shikaruna Koubo
Produced by Blood Fort Omega

Friday, May 4, 2012

Moo-Ving SALE!

I'm moving to Columbus, OH at the end of May and need to raise some cash to cover all of my moving costs. For the next few weeks I'm having a big-assed sale on everything* that isn't bolted down. Art Prints, Gig Posters, Apparel and Original Art! Any help will be appreciated. The cost of moving and escaping New York City ain't cheap!


* This does NOT include any items sold through other web shops. Solly Cholly!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey If you live in Columbus, OH…I’m doing a LECTURE on my career as an Artist/Rock Poster Dork at CCAD on March 12th

You don’t hafta be a student to attend. I’ll be giving away a bunch of prints and merch at the end of the lecture! And please repost!

llustrator and graphic designer
Monday, March 12, 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Canzani Center Auditorium (map it)
Free & Open to the Public

Brian Ewing is one of the most prolific, iconic image-makers in rock music and pop art. Like his heroes and mentors—Frank Kozik, Coop, and Tara McPherson, among others—he has built his success in poster art into a career that spans illustration, album covers, original art prints, skate decks, and shirt designs. Informed by art nouveau, ukiyo-e woodblock printing, SoCal “kustom” car culture, and the comics, Ewing’s work fuses his explorations of perspective, color, and space with classic imagery from American youth culture. His clients have ranged from Metallica and the Warped Tour to the Strokes and Death Cab for Cutie (not to mention The New Yorker and a number of advertising agencies).

Currently a resident of New York City, Ewing attended the American Academy of Art Chicago for Illustration and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for Fine Arts. His first monograph, Don’t Hold Your Breath: The Art of Brian Ewing, was published by Dark Horse in 2010.