Friday, September 19, 2008

EWING/ ATTICUS 09 shirts now available in the UK

In the coming weeks Atticus will be making available the new season of shirts I designed for them.  Right now they're only available in the UK.  I had a few at my comic con table but they went quick.

If you're looking for last year's designs...they're finally available in the US.

WE THE KINGS wearing the STITCH and BOMBS shirts I designed for ATTICUS

Hunter of WE THE KINGS wearing the alt colorway of the STITCH shirt.

Travis of WE THE KINGS wearing the alt colorway of the BOMBS shirt


Thursday, September 18, 2008

EWING/DRAVEN shoe drops today!!

The Ewing "Counting Stars" shoe by DRAVEN is NOW AVAILABLE.

These shoes are LIMITED EDITION!!!

GIRLS SIZES ONLY, USE SIZE CHART ON THE DRAVEN SITE TO CONVERT TO MEN'S SIZING. Dudes...If you can rock the pink then go for it!!  There is only a total limited quantity available on the market and therefore VERY FEW IN EACH SIZE. If you would like to own one of these pieces you should ACT NOW. There are only a few retailers that will carry them as well and we can not guarantee that there will be someone in your area that will have them in stock. So, if you want them you should get them now!!!

Not available on my site.  So don't ask.

I designed these about a year ago and they're finally coming out.  Plans to do more are in the works.  I'll let you know when I know.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Royal Intent...Vicious Flush...Uh, I'm In A Group Show next week!

Hey Check it out.

I'm going to be in a Royal Flush group show that's doubling as a book signing for Stainboy's new book Vicious Intent.

Here are my contributions.  A print of the Geisha Girl will be available for purchase at the show.

It's being put together by the Royal Flush crew and will include ORIGINAL artwork and prints by folks who have contributed to the mag.  Including me.  Keep reading to see the list of folks.

Plus there's an OPEN BAR.  That's right you hipsters...I done gone did say that.  Drink up!

Vicious Intent Book Signing and Poster Exhibit 9/20/08

Royal Flush, Electric Frankenstein and are curating a rock poster gallery show at Toy Tokyo in NYC, Saturday, September 20th. It will be featuring the biggest and baddest of all the best rock poster artists out there. Plus, it will be the official NYC book signing of Stainboy’s Dark Horse book Vicious Intent.

The following poster artists will also be attending: Tara McPherson, Brian Ewing, R.Black, Drew Friedman, Josh Bernstein, Steve Chanks, Erik Rodriguez, Joe Simko, Martin Atkins

Vicious Intent Book Signing and Poster Exhibit
Saturday, September 20th
7 - 11 PM
Toy Tokyo Showroom 117 2nd Ave.
At 7th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003

For more information visit:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So what’s with the sale?

Uhhh...The cost of moving across the country is going to kick my ass.


I don't plan on selling any more artwork for a looong time or until the rats in New York eat my fingers off. All you folks that emailed me about buying some originals or commissioning me - this is your chance.  That's it!

Expect to see zombies, skulls, girls and random whatnots.  If humanly possible I will include a copy of the poster/thing that the art was originally used for.

What you see is what's for sale.  Please DO NOT inquire about a piece that's not listed.
I’m pulling everything after 9/14/08.  Orders will ship after that.

To see the full list with prices go HERE

I rarely sell original art.  I’m weird.  I keep the work around for reference in case I need to remember how to do a certain technique or what a skull looks like.  (Stupid A.D.D.!)  Or I’ll get lost in the brain fart of having an art show displaying the originals in something other than a merch booth or a coffee shop.

• The artwork is not framed.  I can’t cut a mat to save my life.
• Most of the artwork was done on Strathmore bristol board.  It is acid-free and archival.  So is the ink.
• The dimensions listed define the size of the bristol board the artwork is on.  Feel free to trim the board to make framing easier.
• All artwork will be insured (with tracking) and shipped flat.
• International orders please inquire about insurance.
• Sale of the art doesn’t mean you can publish or make editions of the art.
• Black and white artwork goes well with any couch/sofa or sleeper bed.  It helps tie the room together.

Paypal and credit cards (through paypal) accepted.
Email me asap with any questions or to see larger pics of the art.

Thanks for your patronage!!!!