Monday, October 31, 2011

Hook Ups...

James and the fine folks at Swallows N Daggers HOOKED me UP! You guys should check their site and tumblr page as well. I'm stoked. Now I can put off doing laundry for another 3 days!

Today is a Kvelertak kinda day so far.

So many people asked if I was dressed up as a zombie Abraham Lincoln... Oy vey you rich white kids...have you never heard of TURBONEGRO??!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Planet Spotting...

Stumbled in to Forbidden Planet last week and saw this hanging in their shop. Made me very happy since they don't carry my book (grumblegrumble). The Hasta La Muerte and La Nouvelle Morte pieces that were published in a few books for Korero! STOKED!

@darkhorsecomics should get on that quick like....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NYCC exclusive Screen Print

I'll be at the
NYCC Friday the 14th at 2pm to do a signing at the Shirts For A Cure booth #241

I won't have a booth this year. So this will be your only chance to bring me booze, hugs and get an exclusive Shirts For A Cure/Brian Ewing screen printed art print.

It's a pretty damn big print and limited to only 50 pieces!!! These will NOT available on my site. The piece was originally used for a SFAC My Chemical Romance/ Lifetime poster. Those sold out years ago.

All proceeds go to help women with breast cancer who can't afford their medical expenses.


Signed & Numbered

Edition of 50

Shirts for a Cure is very excited to announce that the one and only Brian Ewing will be doing a signing at our booth (#241) during this years Comic-Con! Mark your calendars and programs: Friday Oct 14th, 2pm, booth #241. Get there early to pick up your very own SFAC exclusive hand screened poster and have the man himself sign it. He will also have a few copies of his book on hand of you have yet to pick it up. See you then.

Shirts for a Cure is a non-profit organization which sells exclusive tee shirts (a lot of tee shirts) and donates 100% of the profits to the fight against breast cancer. This will mark the first year SFAC will participate in the New York Comic-Con and will be unveiling a hand full of comic oriented exclusive shirts. Stop by the booth (#241) to see what we are all about!