Friday, March 27, 2009


Seems like I'm doing book reports this week.

Been listening to a lot of Metallica and Megadeth. Must be the RnR Hall of Fame thing they're doing. I'm stoked that their music has held up so damn long.

I just got this from the publisher.

Norma Vee Toraya wrote one of the coolest books on paper puppets and how to make them. She also asked me to contribute a PUPPET of my own. It was a great experience. I got a chance to try something different (not a rock poster coughcough) and got amazing response because of it. I'm screwed cuz I wanna do more paper puppets now.

Check out Norma's site and be amazed at how one person can make paper look cool! You probably own some of her stuff but never thought I'd be cool enough to know her. We are collaborating (I bribed her) on a project in the next couple of weeks.

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