Monday, March 23, 2009

Jeff Miracola

My buddy Jeff Miracola sent me a copy of his new book Monster Isle.

I met Jeff when he came to my high school (The Milwaukee High School Of The Arts) to speak to us about the local art school (MIAD). He had just graduated (from the same high school) and was telling us about the good and bad of his first year in art school.

Over the years I learned a lot from Jeff about the business of art and how to present my work to get jobs. I'd show him my work and he'd give me tips on how to improve the look and quality of my portfolio. He was always an inspiration and the first real "illustrator" I had met.

Jeff eventually made a name for himself with Magic the Gathering...when they were just starting out. And won a few awards along the way for Magic and other card games.

Now he's doing insane digital work and pushing the limits of what a person can do with photoshop. The difference between Jeff and everyone else is that Jeff can draw...very well. And he shames people every time he produces a new piece of art.


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