Thursday, March 12, 2009

teeny tiny sneak peak of the book

It's 98% done. Just waiting to hear back from the publisher on any changes they might want. Still on schedule to drop July. You can pre order it HERE.



Basic-hater said...

I ordered this book already, and the gig posters one along with tara mcpherson's new one... hope they arrive when they are supposed to.
But seriously how do you only have 10 followers, your work is epic!
I'm an illustration student at Lincoln in england and your work has influenced me loads over the years.

revengethroughbetterliving said...

Cool! Thanks for ordering. Tara just gave me a copy of her new book and it rules!
I just found that "followers" thing. I'm not that bright. So help me spread the word.
If I'm lucky I'll be in London by the end of the year to promote the book.