Thursday, July 3, 2008



This year I'm collaborating with ATTICUS for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive t shirt. The con will be the only place you can get the shirt. Once they're gone they're gone.

Only at BOOTH #433

Ltd to 100 pcs.

I'm stoked because this is the first time Atticus has done something like this for Comic Con.



John Beatty said...

Nice design and color!

Do they use discharge/waterbased inks, or old fashioned stuff?

This would be great if it's waterbased inks and has "no hand" to it!

You're tearing it up lately here...tock on!


John Beatty said...

...tock on!

HA...yeh...WTF am I thinking?


revengethroughbetterliving said...

For a minute there I thought you were a Color Me Badd fan.

The shirt will be printed with discharge inks. The color will be in the fabric instead of on top of it. So it won't feel like a big sheet of plastic.