Monday, July 21, 2008

Bibbidy Bib Ba Dib Bib Bib..... BASE!

zombie.puppet.poster SD comic Con exclusive

Here's another print that I'll have at my Comic Con booth ( #433 ).

11" x 17" on 100# thick assed paper
Comes with the brads you need to assemble the undead.

So buy one to rock and one to stock. Or just start your own army.

This was originally created for Norma Toraya's book Paper Puppet Palooza: An Instructional About Paper Puppets. Norma was cool enough to write the instructions on how assemble your own zombie.


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Kim Herbst said...

You have such great images, stickers, shirts, list goes on. I hope you had fun at comicon this year! We did a postcard trade and my friend gave you a mini hand-crocheted Nosferatu. Thanks for being such an awesome guy!