Saturday, August 4, 2007



Hey everyone. Comic Con is finally over! For all of the people looking to purchase the exclusive "Ltd Ed shirts" or "Burnt Out" prints should sign up for my mailing list if they already haven't. I socked away a few copies of the poster after getting a ton of email from people that couldn't make it to the convention. The shirts sold better than expected so it will be first come first served when they go online.

The convention RULED! Met tons of new friends and hung out with some old ones too. "Becky Cloonan" and "Vasilis Lolos" don't count since I didn't get to take them on a wild goose chase this year in search for food.

I'm going to be swamped for the next week trying to catch up on work and maybe (if I'm lucky) sleep. If you don't hear back from me, you will soon enough.

All orders will resume shipping next week. Thanks for being patient, you will get extra new stuff thrown into your orders.

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