Sunday, July 22, 2007

NEW Shizzirts for Comizzic Con

Just got these from the printer yesterday. They'll be available at the SD Comic Con booth#433. In men's and women's sizes. Printed with water-base inks.

These are limited to 144 pieces each and won't be available on my site until August 1st.

More info here

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I think they look better than any other shirts I've had produced. Even though there is a lot of coverage the inks are water-based so you can breath in the shirt. Unlike the Plastisol inks that feel like a sheet of plastic on your chest.

The shirts are currently being carried at the TOYROOM in Sacramento, CA. Only available in the store and not online.

Respect The Rock - Mens.JPG

Robot+Girl - Men's.JPG

I Am Legion - Men's back.detail.JPG

I Am Legion - Men's back.JPG

I Am Legion - Men's front.JPG

Revenge Through Better Living - Men's.JPG

Respect The Rock - Women's.JPG

Robot+Girl - Women's.jpg

I Am Legion - Women's front.JPG

I Am Legion - Women's back.detail.JPG

I Am Legion - Women's back.jpg

Respect The Rock - Women's.JPG

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