Friday, February 3, 2012

ROYAL Contest You'll Be STOKED about

I teamed up with to have a contest to win a set of 6 King and Queen of Hearts greeting cards. The set contains 3 Kings and 3 Queens.

All you hafta do is sign up for the contest mailing list... which can be found in the top left hand column OF THE SPANKYSTOKES SITE. Just enter your name and email addy, and even if you have signed up before on that site, do it again, as this is how we are counting your entries. Spanky and I both promise not to spam you... but we will send out RAD news every now and again.

This contest will end Sunday night 2/05/2012 at 10:00pm so you only have a few days get your entries in, after all is said and done, 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random and will have this awesome gift sent out their way! Big thanks goes out to Spanky for hosting the contest and to Kelly S. for making this happen!

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