Thursday, March 24, 2011

IFC Interview

The Artists of Flatstock: Brian Ewing

Flatstock, SXSW's annual rock poster convention, shows us the power of physical artifacts in a digital age, one artist at a time, starting with illustrator Brian Ewing and his army of skulls.
Walking through the convention center or the streets of Austin this week, it's hard to ignore the tape-spackled, staple-ridden posters, sounding their visual siren calls, trying to reel you in amidst the crowds and visual noise. As the world goes digital it's interesting to note how much tangible objects stand out. You can't hand someone a JPEG. You can't fold it up and put it in your pocket. And while much physical guerilla marketing has been supplanted by Facebook invites and Twitter hashtags, there is, as of yet, no Facebook invite that stays at the top of your inbox long enough to remind you how much you danced at a TV On The Radio show.


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