Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harley Davidson painting walk-through

Painting walk-through for the Harley-Davidson show I was in.

Now that the show is done. I posted a WALK -THROUGH on how I painted the tank. I mostly did it for myself so I wouldn't forget how the first side was painted while I worked on the second side.

Included are pics of the spider bits I got during the whole process. Gruesome...

I'll post pics from the show in a few days.


too said...

FUCKING. LOVE. YOUR. WORK. you inspire me so much. i have shit that i've done after being so inspired by you. i did these last year, and i know there's a lot to work on, but i just wanted to show you:


Sara said...

Wow Brian, I really enjoyed looking at this work in progress! You truly are an amazing artist and always look forward to any new creations you're working on.

And those spider bites! Yikes! That would have scared the bejesus out of me too!! Looks like the spider was feasting!

Now as the same person above said, it has now inspired me to get working on my own things...:P