Thursday, May 22, 2008

EWING at Bamboozle and the New England Metal Fest

Here are some pics that Atticus sent me from their time at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival and the Bamboozle. Check the pics for a few sneak peaks of the Fall line of shirts I designed for ATTICUS

•That's Justin manning the booth at 'Boozle

Boozle and Metal 084
•Atticus booth. You can spot the "Bombs Over Brixton" shirt I designed for their Fall line.

Boozle and Metal 104
The 2 guys holding their shirts up are from A Day To Remember and My Children, My Bride

•Doug, from the SLEEPING signing at the Atticus booth.

Boozle and Metal 093
•The crazy looking dude is Doug from the Sleeping wearing the STITCH shirt for their signing.

Boozle and Metal 039
•Frank from EMMURE is sporting the Don't Hold Your Breath shirt during their set at the New England Metal and Hardcore fest on the main stage.

•Joe from EMMURE wearing the "Game Of You" shirt.
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