Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ms. Feb Screen Print

Ms. Feb Screen Print
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Here's the printed final of my contribution to the Gigposters.com 2008 screen printed calendar.

Calendars go on sale 1/23/08 noon Canadian time. Whatever that means.

To order

To see a step-by-step on how I produced the drawing

GigPosters.com 2008 Pin-Up Calendar Poster Set For Sale Tomorrow!
The calendars will be for sale initally to PREMIUM MEMBERS for the first 48 hours in the premium member forums.

Remaining copies will be for sale to the general public after the 48 hour period.

12 month calendar posters + 1 cover poster

Designs by: Scrojo, Daniel Danger, Johnny Crap, Von Dada, Tanxxx, Bootsy Rizzak, Quimby, Brian Ewing, Adam Turman, Jason Goad, John Seabury, StainBoy, and Steve Chanks

Size is 10"x20" trimmed. All calendar pages are screenprinted 3 colors on Boise smooth 100lb cover using TW waterbased inks. Printing was done by Andy MacDougall Dec. 23 /07 - Jan.5/08 at Squeegeeville studio, Vancouver Island. Separations and films were provided by Monsterpress, Langley, BC.
This limited edition printing consists of 100 sets of 13 pieces, 10 sets of uncut press sheets with 3 posters per sheet, and 10 sets of printer's proofs. All trial copies and screens have been destroyed, and the edition will not be printed again.

*LOTS MORE INFO will be included tomorrow with the launch including final pricing with shipping etc.*

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